The Fifth Dimension was in their bag when they made Age of Aquarius in 1970 and it hit the Top 40. 51 years later, we are living it again after hundreds of years and astrology, tarot, numerology and all types of spiritual/transformational practices have become increasingly more mainstream, in case you have not noticed. That’s not to say that Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and many other more well-known spiritual or religious practices have taken the backburner. They’ve also received their “rebrand” from the Millennials and Gen Z. I truly think this uptick in interest began because people aren’t necessarily tired of praying to who they consider their God, but that they need something a bit more tangible or a more hands on approach for tackling the hurdles in life. Whether you believe or don’t believe in fate, karma, manifestation, astrology, crystals, reiki, hoodoo, or straight-up old school bible-toting religion, there’s probably something for you.

According to the powers that be, as soon as 2021 hit, the Age of Aquarius began which apparently shifted the planet. Aquarius is traditionally known as the, otherworldly, forward-thinking, stand-out, humanitarian out of the bunch. Aquarius is also associated with technology, non-conformity, modernization and freedom, amongst many other things. If you ask anyone, now that we are all home consuming way too much, they may all say they’ve felt a shift. 

I for one have always been a bit connected to spiritualism versus only consuming standard religious practices. I attended church with either parent every Sunday as a child and visited other churches and church events. I participated in the choir and praise dancing. I even attended private Lutheran and Catholic schools for the majority of my upbringing. We learned about every religion and that exposure to variety definitely counts when you are in the process of forming who you want to be and what you believe in. However, I was also around singing bowls, crystals, people burning sage, and essentially certain people being in tune with otherworldly practices, so I had the best of both worlds.

Overall, I truly don’t understand how there are people in the world who do not believe in anything. On more than one occasion I have personally witnessed a larger power at work. I believe in God, but I also cleanse my house with sage and Palo Santo often, because energy exchanges and energy clutter is real. Albert Einstein scientifically theorized that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another” and the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. That in itself can at least allude to the fact that we are more than just flesh and blood.

We have to learn to be more open to the possibility that something greater than humans exists in some for another, if we want to talk about people’s close encounters with death, in addition to all of the spiritual counselors who have helped people through rough areas on life or people’s loved ones visiting them in one form or another once they’ve passed on. I also want to mention there have been numerous accounts of disasters happening and bibles being found completely unharmed. We can also speak to the numerous corporations or celebrities that have openly sworn by numerologists, astrologists, or spiritual counselors seemingly on retainer in their business practices. 

Believe or practice what you choose, but you have to at least nod your head to the many people believing in something more than the traditional. Since we’ve entered this new astrological age, many more practices are becoming mainstream and will continue to, as people realize what is working for others may indeed work for them too. 

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