Arfa Aizaz


Hello there! I am Arfa Aizaz. I am a software engineer by profession and an artist by passion based in Pakistan. My journey as an artist started at a very young age. Although it was not formal arts education, however, I kept on doing it often. I would draw on my lecture notes, on my books and would sketch even on my test sheets. With silence all around, my hands, my mind and I would always find coherence. Therefore, I kept on drawing with very little confidence because I always thought that I would need a professional arts degree for making a career in this field. However, as I explored more and more, I realized that the case was different and so I made my work public. The response was great and I started doing commission work. I have been making custom calligraphy, paintings and illustrations ever since. Through the movement and vibrancy in my work, I am trying to convey the message of strength and freedom, putting my heart and feelings into every piece that I create. Hence, this personal involvement resonates with others as well. I am determined to sustain this so that people will always find compassion, empathy, and strength through my work. A degree is not required for that. All you need is a heart full of passion and a mind for practice.