Arinbailey de los Reyes

Social Media Manager

Hi! I’m Arinbailey de los Reyes. I am 24 years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am an alumni of San Diego State ‘19 where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis on media studies. I have history in working on brand and product marketing for the last 5-6 years where I developed a rich understanding of customer acquisition which translates perfectly to my position at Swurl. Aside from learning more about digital media/marketing, I love traveling and will take any opportunity to go. I would definitely move to Iceland if I could. I figured skated for 10 years where I had the chance to compete internationally, which instilled a lot of discipline. I play video games way too much because it’s honestly addicting so add me on PSN. Also, I’m not as mean as my picture makes me out to be, I swear.


Mental Health

Letter to Myself

I can see that you are struggling a bit. It’s starting to feel heavier with every thought that races through your head. Trust me, I

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