Britney Stephenson, BA, MBA, MCC

Britney Stephenson is a Mindset Empowerment Coach who helps ambitious individuals move past limiting beliefs and habits in order to transform into the person they want to be + build the life they want to live. Britney wholeheartedly believes that every person holds within them the ability to achieve any and everything they set their mind to- so long as one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions remain in alignment with their desired reality. Clients who work with Britney learn how to acknowledge their role in creating their own outcomes, accept responsibility for their current circumstances, and take ownership of how life will look + feel moving forward. 


Britney describes herself as a “former growth-oriented self-sabotager”- someone who claimed to want “more” out of life, but unintentionally stood in her own way of achieving and receiving God’s blessings; the type that would produce meaning and add long-term value to life. Throughout the years spent earning a B.A. in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies; a Master of Business Administration; and a Master Coach Certification, Britney committed herself to learning/applying the principles and processes of true personal development. The woman who now stands before you is in love with life itself, and is deeply passionate about working with those who are ready to accelerate their growth. If you’re eager to transform life from the inside-out, Britney is ready to assist you on that journey! 


Britney specializes in:

  • Whole-life balance: For those who have ever thought “Idk exactly what I need, but it’s just time to work on myself.” We’ll focus on the 8 key areas of life that make us whole for seamless balance throughout: Money, interpersonal relationships, home/physical environment, personal development, spirituality, free-time, business/career, and personal well-being.   
  • Vision Planning: For those who have reached a point where you’re not sure what’s next, can’t see where you’re headed, or feel like you’re “headed nowhere, fast.
  • Stagnation/lack of motivation: For those who simply feel stuck, or as if life has no meaning. 

Habits of self-sabotage: For those battling procrastination, negative self-talk, and other destructive patterns keeping you in your own way.

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