Charlotte Qin


"My artwork comes from an urgency of creation that intends to communicate how I see the world.

Through my practice, I am integrating this vision with the language of modern science, elevating art as a from of modern shamanism that restores, recovers our instinctive connection with nature, with ourselves. We will create the cultural intelligence that would take care of the social-ecosystem with Art and Science."

Charlotte’s artistic journey has been meandering like Water, the personal mythology that evoked her curiosity since her childhood. Charlotte studied physics at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and University of Geneva in Switzerland, and then received the double Masters of Art and Science in Innovation Design Engineering from Royal College of Art and Imperial College London in the UK. Embodying her Chinese heritage and her western-scientific training, Charlotte’s work subtly blends Science, Nature, Mysticism and takes different forms such as painting, artistic performance and scientific visualisation. 

QinTheory 秦 論 Studio has emerged from Charlotte’s creative practice in interaction with various sectors in the society since 2018. Her clients come from the domain of science, technology, international relations, economics, legal justice, etc. She has also been invited to present her work and participate at events across the UK, the US, Netherland, and Switzerland.