Julia Astrakhan

Project Manager

Hi everyone! Let’s start with a short introduction – I’m Julia, the project manager at SWURL.

My roots lead all the way back to the former Soviet Union, where I was born and raised. It was tumultuous time – my birthplace now is a different country than the one where I studied and worked. My professional experience is almost exclusively in project management, it’s a bit of a passion profession for me. After 13 years of experience across multiple industries, but I’m still as enthusiastic about work, as on my first day on the job.

I started my career within the publishing industry in Russia, combining my love of books and managing creative endeavors. I was later picked to lead multiple projects in a major architectural firm, a more technically demanding field, but also with plenty of room for creative solutions. During my professional journey as a project manager, I have learned plenty of techniques of dealing with day to day challenges, but I still believe that the main skill in my profession is a genuine interest in people.

I think everything else in successful project management stems from this relatively simple idea that getting people to work together harmoniously starts with understanding. This is why I’m so excited to work with the SWURL team, they’re a cohesive multicultural group of people, combining their professional skills to to shift something for the better. I know how difficult it might be to change your life, to start everything from the bottom, and move consistently step by step with ups and downs.

The SWURL team builds this supporting community to the people in a situation of transition, to the minorities, to all who have questions to ask, and I am so happy to be a part of this warm, passionate, professional team.