Justin Cone

Director of Communications Strategy

I’ve been working in digital media since 2000, when I took an internship in Austin at the height of the dot-com craze. I was certain I would retire by 22, move to Bali, and start an organic juice stand. That did not happen. Instead, I finished my undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at The University of Houston and started my 20-year career as a multimedia designer, developer, and creative director. While pursuing an MFA in Motion Media from SCAD, I launched Motionographer.com, which quickly grew into an industry hub for motion graphics and animation. I’ve worked in a wide range of positions for Apple, NBC-Universal, Adobe, Psyop, Gensler, and The University of Texas, as well as launching and running a creativity festival and an annual awards show. I’m now the Director of Communications Strategy for Buck, a world-renowned creative company that makes art, design, and technology. I love playing video games with my son, making music, and scouring the web for fresh animation and interactive talent.


Mental Health

About Mindfulness

Through observation, we see ourselves and our relation to others clearly. It’s not about banishing emotions; it’s about recognizing them and seeing how they can catapult us in a direction that we may not choose for ourselves. With enough practice, mindfulness allows us to see ourselves objectively, to understand that we are part of a network of people, ideas, and feelings—most of which cannot be directly controlled.

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