Shaun Chavis

Chief Executive Officer at LVNGbook

Hi! I’m Shaun. I started LVNGbook after a friend was diagnosed with a condition that required her to change how she eats. A doctor gave her a long, random list of foods she couldn’t eat anymore. Overwhelmed, my friend reached out for help figuring out what she could eat. I could relate. I’ve had the same experience of finding it hard to turn my doctor’s list into every day meals that fit my life. And I’m a cookbook editor with a culinary degree! Later, I interviewed over 100 people and discovered 7 out of 10 also feel stressed and overwhelmed by lists and meal plans from doctors and hospitals.

LVNGbook’s mission is to help people feel more confident about making a healthy lifestyle change in ways that fit who they are. Our tools combine good food, nutrition, behavioral science, culture, and technology. We have a diverse team of recipe developers who specialize in creating easy, family-friendly, tasty recipes reflecting a variety of cuisines. Our registered dietitian creates guidelines and approves each recipe.

LVNGbook cookbooks and journals help you create the mindset, environment, and routines you need to make a healthy lifestyle change last.

We want to help you incorporate healthy eating into your active life, manage cooking for you and your family, and find ways to enjoy the flavors and cuisines you love. —Shaun