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 We’re here to shake the room. There’s zero time left for division, hatred, or intentional disregard for others. We owe so much to activists that made it possible to have and use our voices today. Names that have been familiar our entire lives: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, and many more set the precedent for our work today. While we’re most familiar with a few major names throughout the history of activism, we also know there were many others showing up in a variety of ways. Today, we’re in an advanced position to bring about widespread political and social change. We simply cannot afford to wait any longer for true justice, equity, or inclusion. Our platform is here to amplify as many powerful voices as we can, making it easier for everyone who wants to get involved to reach the right individuals and organizations.  

Activists are creating movements and driving real change in major cities and tiny communities alike. Find your cause. Use your voice. Make a permanent impact.

– Britney Stephenson