Mental Health & Life Coaching

The world is increasingly gaining access to more, better, and bigger; yet we still haven’t figured out how to get rid of stress, heartbreak, anxiety, and all mental health issues. The truth is, we won’t ever. These conditions are simply part of the human experience. We are however fortunate to be alive during a time where mental health stigmas are evaporating, and access to quality mental health care is increasingly available. That means we can proactively manage our mental health and prioritize wellbeing; without feeling like you’re facing an uphill battle on your own. We’re building a community around the mind. 

The key to building and maintaining a productive relationship with a mental health specialist is taking the time to find a professional that is knowledgeable, experienced, and receptive to the areas impacting your wellbeing the most. Let us simplify your search and ease your mind moving forward.

We live inside our own bodies, and we occupy our own minds. That means our thoughts, perspectives, and even worldview are inherently biased! Life Coaches have mastered the art of pushing people’s existing boundaries and offering a fresh perspective throughout several key areas of life. While leadership coaching is the most popular form of coaching offered in the U.S., you’ll find coaches who are just as unique as the individuals and communities that they serve. Popular coaching niches include business, relationships, finance, personal development; and that’s only scratching the surface! 

Many group life coaches and therapists together, however coaches actually serve a different purpose than the latter. In therapy, the therapist is the expert. Their job is to diagnose an issue, then provide treatment and a cure. Coaches, on the other hand, don’t believe there is a problem to solve. Instead, there is only a where you are, and where you want to be. Coaches consider the client to be expert, and simply assist in the process of bringing that expertise to the surface to accomplish a specific transformation. Life coaches also have a legal and moral responsibility to refer clients to a therapist or other licensed health professional if the need arises. Life coaching is a $1.1bn industry, and steadily growing! Fortunately for you, we’ve done the digging and will continue to do so, to keep bringing you some of the industry’s best, all in one convenient spot.

– Britney Stephenson